Alain Crozier

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Born in 1973, Roanne, grew up in La Clayette where he continues to live and work. Dived into art when he was 5, visiting in his workroom Chavignac, a painter living in the grandparents' house, and has discovered The Beatles during the childhood.
He has started to write songs in english during highschooldays, then short stories and non-fiction. He had moved to the university to Dijon, keeping up his diary and writing in several fanzines. In 1999, he reached modern poetry after Jim Morrison 's book Wilderness. Since 2003, his poetry has been published in reviews in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Canada. A short story 1991 was published in reviews in 2004. His first book, La cité des clés, was published in 2007. He appears in some reading evening shows and organizes some of them. He drives the literary creation review Cabaret and Les éditions du Petit Rameur.
He has joined the group Tesche during highschooldays. After he moved to Dijon, he has formed a pop group called Flair, named Austin after he left Dijon, the band and Helen D, his muse. He has organized 3 editions of Saint-Rock music festival in La Clayette then jumped into electronic music. Expérience with Jean-Mix L in 2001, before to find him again since 2006 with the group Hollowave. He works on personal musical project too, the Cobain Programme.
Fine Arts
He has studied fine arts alone after some short lessons. He lets his mind wanderer between painting, mixed techniques, photography… He shows artworks since 2003, in personal and group exhibitions.
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